USA Triathlon

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Meet Scott

Scott Riecke is an endurance athlete, manager of Team Ordinary, host of the Ordinary Marathoner podcast, and a USA Triathlon Level 1 Certified Coach.


Learn more about Team Ordinary!

A group of athletes who work hard and support each other on the journey to their respective goals. It is a call to solidarity. A celebration of the extraordinary inside all of us.


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An exercise at control and maintaining your cadence. This unique workout will help you track your heart rate and find your optimal rhythm.


My Power Within Statement – triathlon’s unique contribution to your life.

Every day is an ordinary day unless you make it extraordinary. We’re ordinary people doing extraordinary things, and we should celebrate that every day.


Multisport is unique to every person. Coaching can be too.  

The cookie-cutter approach to training never worked for me and it’s always nice to feel like you are getting special attention. That’s why I’m there for my athletes every day (if they want me there that much) and thrive on giving them personal attention. If you need to switch a workout at 11 p.m., we’ll get your workout switched.


Coaching benefits everyone.  

Guidelines and templates, motivation and discipline. Coaches help every level of athlete, regardless of their multisport goals. This sport is hard to go at alone. Coaches hold you accountable. Coaches help you optimize your time. Coaches cheer for you.


When I see athletes accomplish their goals, I get as much as satisfaction as if it were me.