USA Triathlon

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Meet Maria

Maria is an endurance athlete, owner & head coach of No Limits Endurance Coaching, and a USA Triathlon Level 2 Endurance Certified Coach.


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Six coaches who serve more than 100 athletes across the country, No Limits provides 1-to-1 coaching, as well as an online community that engages athletes in unique, challenging and fun ways.


My Power Within Statement – triathlon’s unique contribution to your life.

I push the limits of the body to learn about life.


The mental benefits of triathlon outweigh the physical, and the physical benefits are amazing.

I call it swagger – and multisport gives me this swagger. I’m a lifelong runner who got into triathlon 12 years ago. And it’s been hard all 12 years. Why do something that remains hard like this? Because it gives you confidence – not arrogance – and it turns you into a mental warrior. I truly believe you can achieve your goals or dreams if you put your mind to it, and triathlon helps me harness this conviction.


As a triathlon coach, our role is to maximize your athletic potential.

Not everyone needs a coach. But if you’re struggling to maximize your time and optimize your training, we have you covered. I work with age-group athletes, and they have jobs and careers, they have spouses and kids. If you only have an hour a day, my job is to make sure that hour is spent the best it can be.


I see myself as an educator. I’m not just giving you a training plan. I’m teaching you about the sport. I’m teaching you about injury prevention, hydration and nutrition, goal-setting.


I’ll often hear, “I’m not a fast athlete and I don’t need to win. A coach can’t help me.” I don’t agree. I don’t like that mindset. If an athlete has a goal, and they are committed to a goal, then a coach can help them reach that goal.