USA Triathlon

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Meet Gunnar

Gunnar has been a part of the TriCoachMartin training squad for the pats six years and is a USA Triathlon Level I Certified Coach. He competed his first triathlon 1985 and is a five-time USA Triathlon All-American.


Learn more about Squad TCM

Training and racing together, Squad TCM not only offers coaching services, but helps athletes optimize their triathlon lifestyle.


Join Gunnar on his Feb. 17 Zwift workout!


My Power Within Statement – triathlon’s unique contribution to your life.

The skills I’ve developed from 30-plus years of triathlon have guided me in my life in many positive ways and given me the skills to succeed in my life.


Let’s experience triathlon together.

Meeting athletes down at the beach for an ocean swim. Spending time together. It’s a lifestyle. This is how I approach my training, racing and coaching.


Coaching helps athletes build confidence.

With the help of a coach – motivation, building and refining skills, camaraderie – athletes are able to realize their full potential. They start to see improvements in performance and then they surprise themselves and achieve their goals.


And this confidence translates to other areas of life.

Whether it’s time management, self-care, or building good habits, triathlon, and a commitment to the sport, gives you the skills needed to live a full life.