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Meet Cody

Cody is an endurance athlete, head coach & owner of Endurance Concepts, and a USA Triathlon Level 2 Certified Coach.


Learn more about Endurance Concepts!  

Six coaches who are dedicated to creating an atmosphere where individuals could push themselves to their limits while maintaining a well-rounded lifestyle. 


Over Unders - Get ready for a challenge

Building on the past two Power Hour workouts, Over Unders will give help you build threshold fitness. 


My Power Within Statement – triathlon’s unique contribution to your life.

Breathe and smile. When you're helping people overcome, you're getting a smile back from them. Chrissie Wellington, who won four IRONMAN World Championships, always raced with a smile on her face and that smile has always resonated with me. There's a lot of power in providing positivity and spreading that to others. 


We integrate sports into your life.

This philosophy drives our business at Endurance Concepts. Our entire mentality is listening to the athlete, building their schedule in a very detailed way around their commitments, and helping them prioritize based on their values.


We are all about dynamic planning and eschewing the cookie-cutter model. Our athletes are part of our lives, so we value a high-touch, high-communication approach. You need a date night with your partner? No problem. Let’s find the sweet spot in your family, career and personal life to maximize your training.


Balance is key.

As soon as something becomes unbalanced, its negative effects take form. Too much training and not enough family, you feel bad about training. Or too much time at work, and you lose what drives you outside your career. Multisport helps identify and nurture this balance.


There’s a beauty in endurance sports.

I have a drive for perfection and progress. I was a longtime runner and swimmer before I was Div. I place kicker and punter at Davidson College. The opportunity to continue to push toward perfection and progress post-college are hard to come by in skill sports, so I turned back to my endurance roots. Every time I train, race and coach, it’s an opportunity to push myself, and my athletes, physically, emotionally and mentally. That’s a beautiful thing.


Power Within Power Hour Cody Elder