The purpose of the paratriathlon committee grant is to support programming designed to grow the sport of paratriathlon.  Grant amounts will be determined based upon the overall quality of the event as it pertains to promoting the sport of paratriathlon.

Eligible Applicants

Applicants must promote awareness, understanding, growth, or safety for the sport of paratriathlon. Possible events include pre-race clinics, workshops, community/public sport programs, or camps that address the needs of paratriathletes. In the case that a single event is not wholly paratriathlon-specific, grant money may be used to offset costs associated with that portion of the event that is associated with paratriathlon (e.g. travel expenses for presenters, mailing expenses, training materials related to this segment, other expenses as justified by the event coordinator/director).

This grant is NOT intended for individuals but rather for clubs and organizations.

Grant Timeline

  • November 1st: Grant application is made available.

  • November 17th: Applications and a W-9 must be submitted to Meredith Lee no later than 5 pm MST.

  • December 2nd: USA Paratriathlon Committee meets to discuss all applications.

  • December 15th: USAT will notify those applications that were accepted.

  • January 1st: Funds will be dispersed via a check.


  • Click here to access the grant application document.

Final Instructions:

  • Send a completed application and the organization's W-9 to Meredith Lee before 5 pm MST on November 17th, 2017.


Q:  How will I be notified if  my club or organization is to receive a grant?
A: A member of the Paratriathlon Committee will contact you via email or phone to inform you of the decision.

Q: Can I use the funds for a camp or clinic that took place in 2017?
A: Yes, you can use the funds for a camp or clinic that took place in the 2017 calendar year as long as all requirements were met.

Q: If my organization or club is looking to (or already did) host more than one camp or clinic, may we submit multiple applications?
A: Yes, but you must submit a different application for each clinic or camp you are seeking grant funds towards.

Q: Who do I contact if I have questions about the grant or the process?
A: You can email Meredith Lee from the Paratriathlon Committee.

Q: Is a W-9 needed to receive a grant?
A: Yes, a current W-9 is needed along with your application by November 16th in order to be eligible to receive a grant.