2020 Toyota U.S. Paratriathlon National Team  

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2020 National Team Members

Athletes can achieve a place on the National Team on a rolling basis. Additionally, athletes can achieve one team and later in the season advance to the next team.

2020 National Team Program Athletes Currently

National A Team

  • Allysa Seely - Female PTS2
  • Hailey Danz - Female PTS2
  • Aaron Scheidies - Male PTVI
  • Ben Collins - Male PTVI Guide

National B Team

  • Chris Hammer - Male PTS5
  • Elizabeth Baker - Female PTVI
  • Jillian Petersen  - Female PTVI Guide
  • Grace Norman - Female PTS5
  • Jamie Brown - Male PTS4
  • Kendall Gretsch - Female PTWC
  • Brad Snyder - Male PTVI
  • Colin Riley - Male PTVI Guide
  • Melissa Stockwell - Female PTS2

National Emerging Team

  • Amy Dixon - Female PTVI
  • Kirsten Sass - Female PTVI Guide
  • Kelly Elmlinger - Female PTS4

Athlete Bios

A number of world-class paratriathletes represent the United States at events around the world.

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