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2019 Selection Criteria Documents

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 2019 ITU Multisport World Championships

Athletes interested in racing in any of these multisport world championships events need to email us their interested event name and race resume at least 120 days before the event date listed above.


Staff Breakdown for 2019 Events

 Events Location Head Coach Assistant Coach Team Leader Mechanic Nutrition  Sport Psych Physio
 CAMTRI Champs Sarasota, FL Chris Palmquist Shelly O'Brien Amanda Duke Boulet        
 Milan WPS Italy Mark Sortino Derick Williamson Amanda Duke Boulet Joseph Moore     Shefali Christopher
 Yokohama WPS Japan Wes Johnson Chris Palmquist Amanda Duke Boulet James Balentine     Robert Schmidt
 Montreal WPS Canada Derick Williamson Shelly O'Brien Amanda Duke Boulet Joseph Moore Jacque Scaramella Sara Mitchell Robert Schmidt
 Magog WC Canada Ken Axford   ADB/Gavin Shulock David Barrientos      
 Tokyo Test Event Japan Derick Williamson Wes Johnson Amanda Duke Boulet James Balentine Jacque Scaramella Sara Mitchell Betsy Anderson
 Lausanne WCH Switzerland Mark Sortino Derick Williamson Amanda Duke Boulet Joseph Moore Jacque Scaramella Sara Mitchell Shefali Christopher


MedEx Int'l Insurance

MEDEX International Insurance
As you prepare for your upcoming competition abroad, please consider the added protection that international insurance can provide. Your domestic health insurance may not offer adequate travel protection during an emergency and benefits can be limited. Travelers are often left with the burden of making their own arrangements and paying costly out-of-pocket medical expenses.

MEDEX, a partner of the USOC and USA Triathlon, offers Travmed Abroad to take care of these problems and other travel, medical and security related issues. The cost to our athletes is at a discounted rate of $3/day which gives the traveler $100,000 in coverage, with only a $25 deductible per illness or injury. TravMed will locate nearest providers, hospitals, ER, arrange for medical evacuations, translation services and much more. This insurance covers the cost of services on a secondary basis to any personal insurance already in place (if there is no coverage then they become the primary insurer) after a $25 deductible. Illness and injuries, including sport injuries, are also included in the coverage.

We highly encourage all of our athletes to take advantage of this offer. You may get coverage for yourself as well as family and friends traveling abroad. Please review the link below if you would like additional information. 
FrontierMeDEX Homepage

To purchase this coverage at any time throughout the year, please email us.