Elite Paratriathlete Pathway 

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USAT High Performance Athlete Appeal Process


Important Athlete Information


ITU Pre Participation Examination (PPE)

Starting in 2018, all athletes competing in ITU competitions in Junior, U23, Elite, and Elite Paratriathlon categories must have completed a pre-competition health screening which includes a questionnaire, a physical examination, and an ECG following the IOC's recommended procedure. Thereafter, all Junior U23, Elite, and Elite Paratriathlon athletes, competing in the ITU Competitions must complete the medical questionnaire, and undergo a medical examination each year, and, in addition, must undergo a resting ECG every two years.

Please click here for the Medical Questionnaire, and click here for the PPE certification. 

The screening takes place in three steps: 

  1. Answer the Medical Questionnaire: this questionnaire is strictly confidential, and must be given to the doctor before the medical examination.
  2. Physical Examination: by the doctor following the IOC recommendations published in the "Lausanne Recommendations" about the Sudden Cardiovascular Death in Sport Consensus.
    • Cardiac auscultation:
      • Rate/rhythm
      • Murmur: systolic/diastolic
      • Systolic click
    • Blood Pressure
    • Radial and Femoral Pulses
    • Marfan stigmata
  3. 12 lead rest electrocardiogram (ECG). Doctor to look for anomalies in rhythm, conduction or repolarization.

Please click here to read further about the PPE. 

Once you have completed your PPE, athletes should:

  1. Retain the original, completed, dated, and signed questionnaire and PPE evaluation for your own records.
  2. Submit only the completed PPE certification to paratriathlon@usatriathlon.org for USAT to keep on file.


Safe Sport Tutorial

Beginning January 1, 2018, athletes who wish to compete in Junior, U23, Elite, and Paratriathlon categories at ITU events are required to complete and pass the USAT Safe Sport tutorial. You can view the instructions on how to complete by clicking here. This tutorial needs to be completed every year. Once you have completed the tutorial, please email the completed .pdf certificate to: paratriathlon@usatriathlon.org. Please retain a copy for your own records.


Background Check Policy

USA Triathlon is committed to the safety of athletes and participants involved in sports. USA Triathlon conducts background checks in order to i) foster a safe environment at the Olympic, Paralympic, Pan American, Parapan American, Youth Olympic Games and other international sporting events; ii) create a safe living, training, and competition environment for athletes and other individuals associated with USA Triathlon; and iii) protect persons at risk, including, but not limited to, minors and vulnerable adults.

To read the full policy, please click here


MedEx Int'l Insurance

MEDEX International Insurance
As you prepare for your upcoming competition abroad, please consider the added protection that international insurance can provide. Your domestic health insurance may not offer adequate travel protection during an emergency and benefits can be limited. Travelers are often left with the burden of making their own arrangements and paying costly out-of-pocket medical expenses.

MEDEX, a partner of the USOC and USA Triathlon, offers Travmed Abroad to take care of these problems and other travel, medical and security related issues. The cost to our athletes is at a discounted rate of $3/day which gives the traveler $100,000 in coverage, with only a $25 deductible per illness or injury. TravMed will locate nearest providers, hospitals, ER, arrange for medical evacuations, translation services and much more. This insurance covers the cost of services on a secondary basis to any personal insurance already in place (if there is no coverage then they become the primary insurer) after a $25 deductible. Illness and injuries, including sport injuries, are also included in the coverage.

We highly encourage all of our athletes to take advantage of this offer. You may get coverage for yourself as well as family and friends traveling abroad. Please review the link below if you would like additional information. 
FrontierMeDEX Homepage

To purchase this coverage at any time throughout the year, please email us.


Athlete Wellness Resources 

USA Triathlon, in conjunction with the USOC, strives to provide resources and direction for anyone suffering with mental health issues. Mental health is a very important issue for USAT, and the following resources are being offered, so please check out the information in the below PDF's. 

USOC Mental Health Resources

USOC Athlete Mental Wellness Referral Process 



All elite paratriathletes should be very knowledgeable about anti-doping rules and regulations. Elite Paratriathletes are currently being tested in competition.

Click here to read more about anti-doping.