USAT Rules

USA Triathlon (USAT) sets the competition rules for all USAT-Sanctioned races that involve athletes with permanent disabilities. Currently there are two different divisions.

  1. Paratriathlon which is governed by all USA Triathlon competitive rules with a few modifications.

  2. PC Open which is governed by all USAT competitive rules and paratriathlon rule modifications with a few additional modifications.

ITU Rules

Competition Rules
The International Triathlon Union (ITU) sets the international rule book for Paratriathlon races that are sanctioned by ITU. To see the 2015 ITU competition rules, click here. The paratriathlon specific section begins on page number 54. The specific changes from the 2015 rules are highlighted.

Uniform Rules
For athletes to be eligible to compete in ITU-sanctioned events, each athlete needs to ensure their uniform is compliant with the ITU Uniform rules. To view the 2015 ITU Uniform Rules for Paratriathletes, click here.