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Safe Return to Multisport

As the multisport community and endurance sports industry considers returning to racing again in 2020 and beyond, USA Triathlon has launched the Safe Return to Multisport initiative, a unified approach to work toward safely opening the sport to the public. These guidelines, recommendations and resources will help athletes, race directors, coaches, clubs and officials prepare for a return to racing while remaining consistent with guidance from federal, state and local authorities, and aligned with local circumstances.

Click here to view the Safe Return to Multisport initiative


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Multisport is an individual yet profoundly social endeavor that brings people together, converts fellow athletes into friends, and creates a close-knit community. Right now, our daily lives — and routines — have been flipped upside down amid the coronavirus pandemic. Knowing we are all going through difficult times together can be therapeutic.


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From our community, for our community

Try these at home dry land swim exercises

By John Hansen

Being able to effectively stay in good swim condition, even when you do not have access to a pool, is critical for long term success. This can be done through dryland training.


From a coach: What do I do if my race plans have changed?

By Jon Metz

You have been training hard over the winter and just learned that your first race of the season, or maybe your “A” race, has been canceled or postponed. So now what?


Staying Motivated During the Coronavirus Pandemic

By Marty Gaal

I would not want to take a shot at predicting any further, but it will all depend on if we as a world are able to contain, cure, vaccinate, and eradicate, and what the timetable for all that is.


Nutrition for Immunity: Spotlight on Colorful Produce

By Kelsey Smith

Given the current global climate with COVID-19, many people are asking “What can I do to improve my immune system?”


What it means to be a triathlete

By Rhiannon Berry

Last weekend, I escaped the trainer and tried fat-biking for the first time just to get outside. I rode for a few hours with a dear friend (with proper distancing between us). For those few hours, we shouted conversations back and forth, some filled with concerns of the week but many not. We rode in silence, we rode in laughter, we rode in friendship. For those three hours, I felt normal. My mind was at ease. The trees seemed to separate us from the concerns that awaited our return.


Power Within Wednesdays

Join us weekly for “Power Within Wednesdays” as USA Triathlon certified coaches lead informative, fun and unifying hour-long virtual coaching sessions. Learn triathlon training tips from some of the best in the business and get in a great workout with fellow athletes in the multisport community.


March 25: ‘Let's Talk About At Home Triathlon Training,' hosted by Justin Chester, a USA Triathlon Level II Coach, ASCA Level 2 Swim Coach, Slowtwitch Certified Master Coach, head coach at TriCoach Colorado and head coach of the Parker triathlon team. Watch the recorded session here

April 1: "Old school" virtual bike ride session, led by Kris Swarthout, a USA Triathlon Level II Coach, USA Triathlon Paratriathlon Coach and USA Triathlon Youth and Junior Coach, who has coached athletes ranging from professional to first-time amateurs. Watch the recorded session here

April 8: "Brains + Brawn: Using Dry Land Time to Build a Better Swim" will be hosted by Susan Sotir, PhD (USAT LII, IMU, NSCA-CSCS, Pn1), who is a full-time coach for endurance athletes with Breakthrough Performance Coaching, offering individualized coaching using an evidence + data informed approach, metabolic testing, consulting, and video analysis. Watch the recorded session here

April 15: USA Triathlon Level I Coach Mark Saroni will lead an interactive strength, yoga and dynamic movement session. Watch the recorded session here

April 22: Join USA Triathlon Level III Coach Justin Trolle at noon EDT Wednesday on Zoom for a virtual run session. Can't make it? That's OK — the web video conference will be recorded and shared on the USA Triathlon YouTube channel. Watch the recorded session here.

April 29: Bring the kids as USA Triathlon Level II and Youth & Junior Coach Amie Quinn will lead a family-friendly fitness workout. Watch the recorded session here


Karen Buxton – Limiters: Addressing Weaknesses to Improve Athletic Performance

USA Triathlon Level III Certified Coach Karen Buxton highlights common limiters in swim/bike/run and provides appropriate exercises/workouts that athletes can execute in their “stay-at-home” environment.

Watch the video


Practical Strength Training for Triathletes with Adrian Wolff

USA Triathlon Certified Coach Adrian Wolff on the overview of strength training, including exercises for swim/bike/run and practical applications in your routine.

Watch the video


USA Duathlon Virtual Run-Bike-Run Presented by Tower 26

These are challenging times. As we all navigate the momentous impact of COVID-19 on our daily lives and those of our loved ones, we want to provide an outlet for people to stay active, healthy, safe, and competitive if they choose to be, during this difficult situation.

The Virtual Run-Bike-Run gives you the flexibility to be a multisport athlete on your own time, at your own pace, and in your own space. Get more info here!


At-Home Youth Exercise Program 

Looking for fun activities to keep your kids active during these challenging times? We put together a 30-day at-home youth exercise program you can download, print and share.


WATCH USA Triathlon CEO Rocky Harris demonstrate the “Run for Fun” activity with his three daughters


Exclusive USA Triathlon Coaching Certification Content

While COVID-19 has altered our daily lives and shifted our workout routines inside, there are still creative ways for you to keep up your fitness during this time. With email, video and webcam technology, learning from a Certified Coach has never been easier or more valuable. Hiring a USA Triathlon Certified Coach can help provide you guidance, structure and motivation as you shift your training indoors or have to modify your training because your race plans have been altered. With more than 2,000 USA Triathlon Certified Coaches available, you can find a coach that fits your specific needs.


Principles of Periodization with Maria Simone

USA Triathlon Level II Endurance Coach Maria Simone shares for a general overview of periodization, elements of a periodized plan, and planning and organizing the ATP.


Tim Crowley — Training During Crisis

USA Triathlon Level III Elite Coach Tim Crowley offers guidelines for athletes during tough times – healthy habits, swim training without a pool, creating a home performance center, finding the bright spots/long term, and resetting goals for long term development.