USA Triathlon's 140,000-strong membership is comprised of athletes of all ages, coaches, officials, parents and fans striving to strengthen multisport. As an athlete, we know your focus is to swim, bike and run to the best of your ability - here are the resources to help you reach your multisport goals.

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USA Triathlon Competitive Rules

It is important for all athletes competing in USA Triathlon sanctioned events to have a basic understanding of the USA Triathlon Competitive Rules. USA Triathlon has issued a set of rules to maintain consistency and order from race to race across the country, keeping competition safe and fair.

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Certified Multisport Retailer Program

The Certified Multisport Retailer program is an organization of multisport shops across the country. To be a certified multisport through USAT, the shops must complete an application with perquisites. All of the shops listed have USAT certified coaches and bike fit specialists, sponsor USAT sanctioned events, and provide beginners clinics. The best part is CMR shops provide a discount to USAT members—please show your member card in the stores that are listed in the Certified Multisport Retailer program website and magazine.

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Certified Performance Training Centers

USA Triathlon’s Certified Training and Performance Centers offer members, coaches, and athletes performance testing facilities; access to USA Triathlon certified coaches, swim, bike and run analysis, and state of the art training equipment.  Additional services offered at these facilities include a complete performance lab following USA Triathlon testing protocols- Vo2 and Lactate, as well as bike fitting services, nutrition consultation, access to a sport psychologist, and physical therapy and massage services.  The current facilities offer USA Triathlon members discounts on select services and testing, merchandise, and facility membership. These facilities are a great opportunity for USA Triathlon coaches and athletes to train and take advantage of testing and other top notch services in key areas around the country.

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Anti-Doping Education

USA Triathlon takes anti-doping efforts very seriously on behalf of its constituents. Efforts in the U.S. – and around the world – to detect, deter and ultimately prevent doping in all sports are growing and affecting positive change for future generations of athletes.

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All age-groupers who have done three or more sanctioned triathlons, or two or more duathlons, aquathlons, off-road triathlons or aquabike races are included in the annual age group rankings.

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Team USA

Team USARepresent the United States and compete against the best athletes in the world at one of the International Triathlon Union's world championships.

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Athlete Safety

USA Triathlon views the safety of our members as a core imperative. Event-related fatalities have captured the attention of our community, raising safety concerns among athletes, family members and other supporters, event organizers, sponsors, community leaders, and the medical community. We have conducted a careful review of the collective experience with fatalities at USA Triathlon-sanctioned events from 2003 through 2011. Our objectives were to attempt to bring clarity, identify potential patterns and underlying causes, and investigate opportunities to make any future improvements in event safety.

Click here to view a PDF file of the USA Triathlon Fatality Incidents Study.