USA Triathlon

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Compete against your friends and family from all around the world in a normalized and equalized fashion. What is normalized? RemoteRacing™ accounts for both environment and terrain, including heat, humidity, wind, elevation, and elevation gain. What is equalized? Results are equalized for both age and gender, so you can get a true sense of how you stack up. 


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USA Triathlon has partnered with RemoteRacing™ to host the first first Remote National Championships, an opportunity for athletes from across the United States to compete for an Olympic and sprint-distance national championship regardless of where they live and train. Using RaceX's RemoteRacing™, results are normalized to create a fair and level playing field and final results are localized to the course at the 2021 Age Group National Championships in Milwaukee. Finish times for all athletes will be as if everyone was competing on the same course, in the same climate, on the same day.


We look forward to seeing you out there. #USATRNC

Event Details


Dates – November 11–21 (registration opens October 7)


Format – Sprint and Olympic distances


Cost – $45 for athletes who register by Oct. 21 and $50 starting on Oct. 22. A portion of the proceeds will support USA Triathlon Foundation's mission to transform lives through sport by opening pathways for all to swim, bike, and run. 


Qualification – No qualification is required to compete and competing in the event does not qualify you for anything, including 2022 Toyota Age Group National Championships nor Team USA. This event also does not earn you points toward your ranking. This competition is solely for bragging rights (and fun awards!). 


Race Format and Rules


The Race Window will open at 12:01am CT, Thursday, November 11, 2021, and close at 6:00pm CT, Sunday, November 21, 2021. Race activities must be done in swim, bike, run order.


Swim – Swims must be done in standard-length pools (25 yards, 25 meters, 50 meters) due to inconsistent access to open water for many athletes and inaccurate results from open-water swims due to various water conditions. Athletes may complete their swim at any time during the Race Window prior to starting their bike or run.


T1 – The time between the swim and bike is unregulated due to inconsistent pool accessibility and proximity to adequate bike and run route


Bike – The bike may be completed indoors or outdoors either with or without a bike power sensor. Differences in power sensor accuracy ratings is handled automatically by the system.


T2 – The run must start within 10 minutes of finishing the bike


Run – The run must be done outdoors


Register today! For more details, please visit




Recognition and Awards

All finishers will receive recognition and awards will be given in the following categories:

·       Overall winners (10 deep)

·       Age-group winners (3 deep) – five-year age groups

·       Equalizer winners (10 deep)

·       Club competition (5 deep)

·       Collegiate competition (5 deep)

Equalized Winners – Equalized Results for Age and Gender

In addition to standard individual results, all athletes will be ranked based on their Equalized Times after being equalized for age and gender. RemoteRacing’s Equalizer technology offers a new level of engagement and inclusion by allowing all athletes to compete head-to-head in this equalized format.

Club and Collegiate Competition

The Remote National Championships will feature both a USA Triathlon Club competition and Collegiate Team competition. The innovative scoring model factors in age, gender, team size, and race size giving all athletes the same opportunity to meaningfully contribute to their team’s score.