USA Triathlon

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This individual yet profoundly social endeavor brings people together, converts fellow athletes into friends, and creates a close-knit community. Its collective spirit and shared sense of adventure forges dynamic and timeless bonds with like-minded individuals.

Unifying Statements

Beloved Joshua (BJ) Simons

Triathlon helps me feel "normal" and helps me tell others my experiences and what I’ve been through in public speaking opportunities.

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Unifying Story

Benjamin Coffin

Doing the triathlon made me feel good about myself


Hannah Coffin

Triathlon gives me the motivation to push myself to be stronger


Halee Simons 

Competing with other kids my age and triathlons helped to make me a more confident person


Beloved Joshua (BJ) Simons

Triathlon helps me feel "normal" and helps me tell others my experiences and what I’ve been through in public speaking opportunities 


It’s an individual sport, but it is a profoundly social endeavor. It draws families closer – allowing spouses to race together and parents to train with their children – and brings strangers together – a shared sense of accomplishment and adventure forging timeless bonds. It bridges gaps created by distance and environment, and creates commonalities.


Multisport, like its different disciplines, offers something unique for everyone who embarks on its journey, and that holds true regardless of age, stage of life and circumstances.  


Siblings Benjamin and Hannah Coffin, and Halee and Beloved Joshua (BJ) Simons, may be separated by more than 200 miles down I-95 and years of different experiences, but they are united by the benefits of triathlon. The sport has given each of them added self-confidence, a sense of accomplishment, and reinforcement that with some hard work, they can do anything they put their minds to.


BJ, 12, and Halee, 14, live in Middle River, MD, outside of Baltimore, and grew up in and around triathlon since they were 6 and 7, respectively. BJ lives and races with a Neurological Tic Disorder and uses triathlon to share his obstacles and triumphs with others, while Halee has carried her confidence into running her business, Halz S. Enterprises, LLC.


Benjamin, 10, and Hannah, 13, live in Port Jefferson Station, NY, near the North Shore of Long Island. Benjamin finished a race with his older sister, and Hannah conquered the Mini Maniac Youth Triathlon Race, but most importantly, they’ve learned no challenge is too big and have integrated the lessons they’ve gleaned swimming, biking and running into their schoolwork and hobbies.  


Their paths may never cross - Benjamin and Hannah and their teammates and coaches on the Lightning Warrior Youth Triathlon Team, and BJ and Halee and their network within the International Association of Black Triathletes – but they’ll be unified by the sport they each give so much to, and in turn, has given them so much in return.