USA Triathlon

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Rise above your physical and mental limits and unlock your true potential as you become your best self.

Transformative Statements

Marcus Fitts

Representation is important, and I aim to ensure that people from every demographic feel included in this sport. It is important we show our community that the competitive amateur endurance athlete/triathlete has the benefit of representing an ideal that is simultaneously aspirational and attainable. We all can unlock our Power Within.

Isadora Fernandes

Overcoming my limits.

Jacopo Buongiorno

Power Within is to have traveled to the limits of my physical and mental strength.

Valeria La Camera

I love to compete against others, but mostly against myself.

Anthony Petrillo

Proving no one is limited.

Abigail Erickson

Competition pushes me past my limits and brings out my Power Within.

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Transformative Story

This was it. The moment he had been waiting for. A new challenge. He may have purchased his first bike and clipless pedals the day prior — not quite following the age-old advice to “try nothing new on race day” — but none of that mattered now. Marcus Fitts was ready for his first triathlon.

The start line brings a feeling of empowerment and motivation for Marcus. He’s driven by a desire to represent his community, and he aims to ensure that people from every demographic feel included in the sport of triathlon.

That’s why Marcus started GRIT USA, a Washington, D.C.-based multisport club whose mission is to advance people to new limits, inspire communities and enact socio-cultural change. When he lines up on the start line it’s not just for himself, but for the those who haven’t yet had the chance to let their voices be heard. Triathlon is built around community, and Marcus strives to bring that community together — regardless of race, ethnic group, socioeconomic background or personal identity.

By breaking down barriers in the triathlon community, Marcus hopes it will help address the human rights issues our country faces as well.

Marcus believes that creating inclusive spaces is critical, especially right now. There truly isn't a blueprint for this. He hopes athletes, clubs and businesses can learn to understand that there is a difference between diversity and inclusion, and that one without the other isn’t true progress. He’ll continue working to raise underrepresented voices in the triathlon world, as he knows this will only make the sport stronger.