USA Triathlon

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The lessons gleaned from the sport don’t stop when the training finishes or the race ends. They carry over into your daily lifestyle to offer both structure and spontaneity. As a lifelong pursuit, triathlon offers different rewards at every age and stage of life – from youth to senior years – regardless of experiences and circumstances.

Life Imitating Sport Statements

Will Turner

Believe. Endure. Become.

Mangai HoSang

I will face adversity with a positive mental attitude and be the light when times are dark.

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Life Imitating Sport Story

Set a goal that is so bold you have to grow into the person who can achieve it.

Being in the sport for the better part of three decades, triathlon has been an integral part of my life. It has instilled a sense of discipline and accomplishment within me, while fortifying my confidence and grit. It has strengthened my will and commitment to set big goals, push through obstacles and strive to be the best version of myself.

I’ve used the sport to mark big milestones in my life, as well as to transform who I am as an athlete and a person. When I was 35, I was going through a tough time personally, and I turned to triathlon as a healthy way to relieve stress. At 50, I decided a BHAG (big hairy audacious goal) was just what I needed to combat a deep desire to challenge myself and to not settle for the status quo. So, I trained and completed my first Ironman. At 60, I started a two-year journey to bring more passion and purpose to my life. I completed 105 full-distance triathlons, and created a way to serve others through a movement I created called, “Live Your Bold.”

I’ve evolved and grown over the years, yet my love for the sport has remained constant and true. Now, as an “older” athlete, I’ve come to realize that in my early days of racing and living a multisport lifestyle, I often used the sport to “feed my ego.” But as I’ve grown as a man, an athlete and a coach, I’ve learned that it has done far more. It has humbled me and “nourished my soul” in ways that continue to mold and define me.

Throughout this passionate pursuit, I’ve gleaned lessons I carry to all aspects of my life: to listen and be mindful of my physical, mental and spiritual well-being; to find time for the things that make me feel “alive” and fill me with passion and wonder; to realize that achieving bold goals is possible, regardless of age and circumstance.