USA Triathlon

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Empowering Statements

Lenora Branham

Despite what cancer took from me, triathlon training has given me the Power Within to take it back.

Chris Wodke

Triathlon gives me the power within to raise awareness of Charcot-Marie-Tooth and to be a role model for the community.

Leslie Eden

Triathlon gives me a daily goal to continue to stay healthy and strong.

Amy Mundisev

My power within is gratitude for my health.

Jen Myers

Having the Power Within to hold myself accountable to being a strong role model.


Triathlon makes me feel present and powerful.

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Empowering Story

A body I was used to obeying my every whim had suddenly turned against me. A class at my local gym had transformed from a physical escape to something I just wanted to escape from. I felt the pull to give in and give up, to accept my current condition as final. I kept pushing though, class by class and week by week, determined to not let six months of treatment for early stage breast cancer define the rest of my life.

At the urging of my boyfriend, who thought adding purpose and meaning to my workouts could be the remedy I needed to combat the side effects chemotherapy and steroids, I began training toward my first triathlon. I wasn’t sure what seemed further away - my eventual goal of completing an Ironman or walking on the moon. It was hard. My last lap swim was in third grade. It was draining. I’d been on one casual bike ride in the past 15 years. It was demanding. I’m not a runner.

I wanted to quit every moment of my first sprint triathlon. Then I saw the finish line and I heard the cow bell ringing. For the first time in a long time, I was taking my life back from the grip of cancer. 

At the beginning of my training, that would have been enough. But triathlon has empowered me to want so much more. To strive for cancer to let go of me completely. To heal the scars.

I still have my tough days where my discipline wanes and I skip a morning workout because sometimes there just isn’t time to “put myself back together” before I’m in front of my customers. I’ll never truly enjoy running. But I always remember this struggle pales in comparison to the struggle myself and other cancer survivors have gone through.

I’ll be the best version of myself every day. I’ll be an inspiration my three kids. I’ll be the author of the next chapter of my life.

And one day soon, that body that used to comply with my every whim, will once again be mine. Only stronger.