USA Triathlon

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Through a healthier body and mind, triathlon creates a space for you to live in the present and provides the tools to apply this mindfulness to your everyday life. Its three disciplines uniquely connect you to nature as the water flows over you, wind moves around you, and ground beats below you. It’s a way of life.

Alive Statements

Matt Smith

Triathlon pushes me to continue to grow, harness my grit, and celebrate being alive.

Miguel Berg

Together, triathlon is an invitation for life: A reminder that each of us has the power to inspire, to amplify our community -- And beyond that my Power Within is Resilience.

Kathy Metivier

Starting to train for, and do, triathlons saved my health and my sanity when I had health issues. I love the versatility of the three disciplines, and how I can flex my exercise to what's available and what I can handle. I adore my bike!! But, I was lucky to have my husband already knowing where to get equipment - that would have been a very large skill-mountain for me to climb and I'm pretty sure I would not have started triathlon without that background knowledge.

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Alive Story

The final strides of a 60-second sprint. Those last minutes of a triathlon. I am present in the moment. Mindful. Keenly aware of the synergy between mind and body. It is then when I feel the most alive.

Time can pass us by, days slipping through our grasp, if we lose that mindfulness. I battled depression in my younger years and felt the speed of the world as it rushed past. While at one point in life I was my own worst enemy, triathlon taught me I am also my own biggest advocate. I am the voice that pushes me beyond my perceived limits; I am the force that drives me toward my hopes and dreams.

Initially a runner by requirement, and later by hobby, I branched out and swam my first length of a pool in October 2018 then bought a bike three months later. After a year of learning to swim, a bone-breaking bike crash, and my first marathon, I completed my first sprint triathlon.

Triathlon has taught me a lot about myself. I will endure – long days of balancing training and work tests me mentally and physically. I am disciplined – doing the work regardless of the circumstances. I am resilient – consistently getting back on my feet, my bike, and in the pool no matter what.

These principles have a direct application to my work as a pilot in the military and to my daily routine. They form a mindset that began with my training and has since developed into a lifestyle and a reflection of everything else I choose to do in life.

I’m inspired by pro athletes like Sam Long, who although separated by an ocean, is also putting in the miles to better himself every day. I’m encouraged by my own improvements and understand failure isn’t a destination, but simply a part of the path I’m on. I choose to celebrate life by pushing myself physically and mentally through exercise, and finding new ways to grow as a person.

Life is an extraordinary gift you only get for so long. Let’s make the most of the time we have.