USA Triathlon

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Triathlon is accessible, inclusive and attainable – yet challenging. We can all be triathletes, and the sport itself summons the gifts inside each of us to expand our personal capability.

Achieving Greatness Statements

Colin Ball

In life, before each race, during a training session, when I think I’ve hit my limit, I say to myself “At this moment, who do you want to be? A quitter is not an option.”

Ray Pence

Believe in yourself, because you never know til you TRI!

Suzy Heffernan


Craig Purcell

Its not about time its about finishing against all odds.

Jerome Domask

It is never to late to become a triathlete! I participated in my first tri at age 65. I am now 80 and finished my first Triathlon Olympic Distance Aug 9, 2020 (Ponte Verdra Beach, FL Triathlon 1). Absolutely wonderful experience. "You are never to old to compete in triathlons" activities!.

Ilana Kearns

Consistency and discipline will always drive results.

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Achieving Greatness Story

She knows she’s prepared for this moment. She knows her teammates are close, as she can hear a few distant “Let’s go, Colin!” cheers coming from behind her. But that doesn’t matter now. Her excitement begins to build, her mind focused on the race ahead of her.

Colin Ball knows she’s prepared for the race, the months of training and hard work moments from paying off. Her motivation to compete comes from within. The nerves begin to settle in as Colin looks at the cold blue water, but she quickly defers the goosebumps. The voice in her head is telling her she’s trained for this moment, and the only person she has to impress is herself.

She’s nearing the end of the race now, her legs feeling heavier than ever, each stride more difficult than the last. But again, Colin hears the screams and howls of her teammates nearby, and that drives her forward. The support of her teammates means the world to her, and it gives her the second wind she so desperately wanted. She can see the finish line now — it’s coming into focus, step by step. For a moment her mind wanders, thinking about the workouts and the months of effort it took to get her to this moment.

She’s got to be less than 100 yards from the finish now, and it’s time to empty the tank as she drives one leg in front of the other. Her teammates are just beyond the finish line, jumping and screaming at her to run faster. Colin is overjoyed as she crosses the finish line, knowing she gave it her all. She’s earned her rest. Her teammates rush over to congratulate her. Every time she shows up, she gets stronger — and she can already feel the momentum inside her that’s telling her to do it all over again.