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This list is updated often so please check back frequently for updates.

If you are a Certified Race Director and would like to provide opportunities for Certified Race Directors to serve in key volunteer/support roles at your event, USAT wants to help you facilitate that. We want to help provide you with great support by bringing other Certified RDs to you. In return we ask that you provide meaningful learning experiences for these other Certified RDs. This can generally be accomplished in two ways: providing specific job descriptions/roles available ahead of time so we can announce them along with the opportunity; or by allowing the Certified RD to pick an area either where he/she needs more experience or has a certain expertise. This not only provides you with the best type of support but provides them with the best chance to help you and learn at the same time. 

If you are a Certified RD and are interested in providing this type of opportunity at your event, please email Todd Brewer with the following information:

  1. Name and date of the event.
  2. What roles/positions would these race directors fill?
  3. How much time commitment do you need from each person (meeting the day before, etc)?
  4. Is there any mentoring component involved (shadowing RD or other key members of the staff)?
  5. How many people could you accommodate?
  6. When would you need commitments (cutoff date)?
  7. Contact information for them to get in touch with the race director and race website.

Once this information is received it will be posted online and sent out to the Certified RD group so potential volunteers can connect directly with the race director. CEUs awarded will be based on time commitment and duties served.

Five (5) CEUs and the Service to the Sport requirement will be awarded towards RD Certification requirements by participating in one of these opportunities as well as fulfillment of the Mentoring requirement if that is completed at the event.

Race Director Webinar Series

USA Triathlon is proud to present a series of webinars for race directors. These webinars will be held approximately once a month. Certified Race Directors receive one (1) CEU for attending.

Click here to see upcoming webinars. 

Click here to view the full list of archived Race Director Webinars.

Pricing Breakdown
USAT Member or Race Director*: $14.99 (0 CEU)
USAT Certified Race Director*: $24.99 (1 CEU)
Non-USAT Members: $29.99 (0 CEU)

*USAT Members and Race Directors must provide USAT number at registration.

Additional CEU Opportunities 

Additional CEU Opportunities can be found in the here. Please note that only those relevant to race directing will earn credits for the RD Certification program.

Other Webinars

Active.comIEGCitrix Online, and Running USA all have excellent and relevant webinar programs. Each counts for 1 CEU per contact hour of the course. Check them out online today!

Active Endurance has a great race director webinar series that is archived online. These can be listened to at any time. Visit the Active website directly to access the webinars. Each counts for 1 CEU per contact hour of the session.