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USA Triathlon presents organized educational opportunities for race directors each year. Included in these programs are the Race Director Certification Course and the annual Race Director Symposium/Summit.

Race Director Certification

Race director certification is a 16-hour education course that addresses the latest in race directing methods, insurance/risk management trends, and USAT sanctioning compliance. This program is extremely valuable to both new and seasoned event directors.

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Course Listings 

USA Triathlon will host between 3-5 courses per year and will travel to different regions within the United States. This page is continually being updated; please check back soon as more classes will be added as they are confirmed. All in-person class sizes are limited to 20 and the cost is the same of $450.

2018 Course Listings


Virtual Certification

After significant feedback from you the Race Director, USA Triathlon is proud to announce that we will be incorporating a Virtual Edition of Certification in addition to the in-person courses. The course itself will consist of 13 prerecorded webinars that race directors can view at their leisure for a specified amount of time. Like all certifications, race directors will have 6 weeks to complete the online exam, SafeSport training and background check through NCSI. For SafeSport an actual certificate will need to be submitted as proof of completion. What's different!? Other than the obvious, we will be imposing a new rule that each attendee to the class will have to volunteer at a multisport race after completing the course. All an attendee would have to do is produce some documentation from a race director that you volunteered your time at their race.


Find a Certified Race Director

Certified Race Directors have completed a 16-hour educational training class. This course includes information on the latest in race directing methods, insurance/risk management trends, and USA Triathlon sanctioning compliance. While the certification course is not mandatory for race directors who sanction their events with USA Triathlon, the program is extremely valuable to both new and seasoned event directors. Completing the Race Director Certification course shows that an event director is mindful of keeping in touch with the latest industry trends that will in turn allow better events to be produced. While this course is not required for everyone, athletes should expect more from race directors who are certified.

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Misconduct Reporting Procedures 

USA Triathlon requires reporting of sexual misconduct or ethical misconduct by any coach, race director, support staff and strongly encourages reporting boundary violations, red flag behavior, or any other inappropriate conduct. 

Child abuse and child sexual abuse is a crime. If USA Triathlon receives a complaint of sexual misconduct involving a minor, we will report it to the proper authorities. We urge all individuals to do the same. 

Out of respect for the importance of this issue and to encourage honest and effective reporting, knowingly false vindictive reporting will not be tolerated. 

Providing specific information regarding abuse or suspected abuse helps USA Triathlon to investigate the complaint, and when appropriate, enforce consequences. 

If you need to report a violation or have questions about your situation, please contact USAT staff member Linda Cleveland (Linda.Cleveland@usatriathlon.org or 719-955-2810), who can help answer any questions you may have.