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VIDEO: 5 Exercises for the Offseason

By Cassandra Johnson and Katie Nanney | Dec. 06, 2016, 2:30 p.m. (ET)

Ready to start the 2017 triathlon season stronger than ever? Add these five simple bodyweight exercises to your offseason training, two to three times a week. Do each exercise to moderate fatigue.

“The exercises should be slow and controlled with a focus on balance, stability and range of motion,” said Ken Axford, USA Triathlon Youth & Junior Certified Coach. “You’ll be able to handle higher stress loads when the peak season comes and strength training often takes a backseat.”

Bodyweight Squats

Superman Hold


Walking Balance Lunge

Russian Twist

Thanks to Peak Multisport Owner and Coach Ken Axford and athletes Madison Boyles and Andrew Fisher for demonstrating the exercises. Check out the winter 2017 issue of USA Triathlon Magazine and other archived issues at