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A Call to Action! Share Your Strength Campaign to Increase Female Leadership in Governance

Aug. 06, 2013, 12 a.m. (ET)

With the growing number of women participating in our sport, it’s essential to make sure we are equally represented in our leadership. Having been at the helm of the USA Triathlon Women’s Committee the past six months I’m pleased to share that we have a dedicated group of women leaders working diligently to achieve our goals such as encouraging more women to become involved in the regional, national and international associations that govern the sport. 

Change does not happen overnight, but the Women’s Committee hit the ground running this past spring and we are currently building on the progress made under of our past chairperson, Awilda Harrington. Last week we launched our Share Your Strength campaign to increase awareness and inspire women to take on leadership roles in governance. 

Here’s an update on some current Women’s Committee activities:

* Reach out to women one-on-one. We will have a table/booth at the upcoming USA Triathlon Age Group National Championships in Milwaukee. Are you attending? We are excited to be at this event to help celebrate your accomplishments and share in your experience. Several members of the Women’s Committee will be on hand and we want to hear from women in our sport, what topics or issues are important to you.

* Promote upcoming election opportunities. Women leaders contribute a unique perspective and our collective and diverse voices are essential. I have touched base with women leaders involved in their regional councils regarding upcoming election opportunities. We will have information at our table/booth about the upcoming elections for the USA Triathlon Advisory Board, Regional Councils, and Committees. If you’re in Milwaukee, be sure to stop by. We will also be sharing this information on our Facebook page. 

* Communicate to and support women leaders via media platforms. We are using various media platforms such as the web, social media and print to encourage and promote both current and future women leaders. How can you show support plus stay in the loop? It’s easy – join our Facebook community and “Like” our Facebook page. This is updated regularly with training tips (by women) election information (pertaining to women), and grant opportunities (benefitting women). You can “Like” and “Share” our posts with your network of triathlete friends and family. Here’s the link: 

* Build relationships and develop avenues. The Women’s Committee–represented by a diverse group of women with varied triathlon experience–are building relationships with local and regional leaders. Together we are creating a network of avenues to support and inspire women who want to serve at the regional, national, and international level. Please feel free to reach out to any of the committee members with any questions.

You can support women triathletes by sharing your strength and getting involved in the governance of our sport or share the love and spreading the word about our work to your sporting networks. Click here to keep up with the USA Triathlon Women's Committee.