Upcoming Coaching CEUs in the Southwest Region

By Rachel Sears Casanta | Feb. 05, 2010, 8:06 p.m. (ET)

Date: Thursday, March 11, 2010
Time: 6-9pm
Location: The Hotel Arizona, Ironwood Room, Tucson, AZ
Topic: Overtraining: When Pushing Too Hard is Harmful and the Keys to Avoiding It
Presenter: Krista Austin, PhD, CSCS

Approximately 20 percent of athletes are reported to experience some form of the syndrome that today has been termed "overtraining" or "underperformance syndrome".

This CEU will cover the different forms of overtraining and the physiological systems of the body that are effected and how these can impact the psychological system of the body. The different forms of fatigue will be addressed, as well as techniques to help restore the body's systems. In addition, blood parameters and subjective scores of training stress will be presented so that coaches can develop techniques for monitoring training that include accounting for the training load, recovery and monotony.

All of this will be brought together in a model that consistently monitors training in a simplified fashion which should help to ensure that overtraining does not occur by promoting recovery and adaptation of the physiological and psychological systems of the body.

Krista Austin is an exercise physiologist and sport nutritionist who currently works with athletes from USA Triathlon, USA Track and Field, USA Taekwondo and USA Wrestling. She is most recently noted for her work with Meb Keflezighi the NYC Marathon Champion and Olympic Silver Medalist in the 2004 Men's Marathon.

Level I Tucson Attendees and USAT Certified Coaches earn 3 CEU's for attending!

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Date: Saturday, March 13, 2010
Time: 6-9pm
Location: Tucson Convention Center, Cococino Room
Topic: QUEST TO BE YOUR BEST - Specific Customized Mental Skills Training Plan Design
Presenter: Bobby McGee

Finally a way to ensure that all the physical training pays off on race day!

Analyze actual sport psych evaluations (that you have brought along from triathletes you work with or have completed yourself) and design an annual plan to address these findings - includes exercises, drills, reevaluations and a series of pre-race plans that match the physical training and racing plan.

To get the most benefit, sign up early and receive questionnaires and interview questions so that you can bring real data to the workshop. It is suggested you bring along a laptop or planner with your yearly training plan and race dates so that the mental skills plan can be effectively periodized. Also bring along on paper or PC, maps and profiles, plus typical race day conditions of the events being prepared for.

This is a unique opportunity to spend time creating an effective realistic tool to provide yourself and your triathletes with the most crucial unifying process in the quest for peak performance

Bobby McGee is the USAT expert on Sport Psychology and Biomechanics, but he has also produced world record holders, an Olympic Champion and numerous Olympians as runners, over and above his work with triathletes.

Level I Tucson Attendees and USAT Certified Coaches earn 3 CEU's for attending!

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Date: Sunday, March 14, 2010
Time: 12:30-4:30pm
Location: Tucson Convention Center, Cococino Room
Topic: Video Analysis - The Art of Slowing What You See Down to Speed Athletes Up
Presenter: Justin Trolle

The goal of this class is to teach coaches how to effectively slow down using video what they see in training and racing. Then effectively analyses what need to be adjusted to allow an athlete to go faster in either the swim, cycle, run or transition components of a triathlon.

The class will cover the following things:

  • Equipment, what you will need to use video effectively and professionally with your athletes.
  • How to collect accurate video of any triathlon discipline in any triathlon-based situation (racing or training) for meaningful analysis.
  • Breaking down training and racing footage and analyzing the critical parts of performance in Swim, Bike, Run or Transitions.
  • Using video to add value to your business, the service you provide to your athletes and increasing your coaching-based income.
  • Each Attendee will be provided with a video breakdown of the key things to look for when breaking down each of the 4 disciplines.

This class is a must for anyone who truly wants to improve the times of their athletes on race day or would like another tool for assessing their own performances.  It is also an essential clinic for business minded coaches who are looking to increase their services to athletes and income generating potential.

Justin Trolle is a Level III USAT Coach. He has been utilizing video analysis for more than a decade and has worked with some of the top triathletes and coaches in the world to improve performances through using video analysis to assess strengths and weakness while providing feedback on improving performances.

Level I Tucson Attendees and USAT Certified Coaches earn 5 CEU's for attending!

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