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Cycling Conduct: Forward Progress

By USA Triathlon | Jan. 29, 2014, 5:17 p.m. (ET)


This week's rule is Article 5.2 — Forward Progress. 

This rule requires that once you take possession of your bike after the swim, you must remain with your bike until the end of the bike course. If you have a breakdown you cannot repair, you may not abandon your bike and run to transition then continue on the run. The bike must be pushed or carried if it no longer can be ridden.

Finishing the bicycle course without your bicycle will result in disqualification. 

Here's the rule:

5.2. Forward Progress.
Participants shall not make any forward progress unaccompanied by their bicycle. If a bicycle is rendered inoperable, a participant may proceed on the cycling course, running or walking, while pushing or carrying the bicycle, so long as the bicycle is pushed or carried in a manner not to obstruct or impede the progress of other participants. Any violation of this section shall result in disqualification.

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