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Cycling Conduct: Exceptions

By USA Triathlon | Jan. 15, 2014, 5:33 p.m. (ET)

This week’s rule, Article 5.10h—Exceptions, ends our series on the bicycle position rules.

bikes5.10h defines the exceptions that allow cyclists to pass through the draft zone without penalty. The rule requires that if a cyclist enters the draft zone from the rear, the cyclist must make forward progress through the draft zone and complete the pass in no more than 15 seconds.

Other exceptions to the drafting rule include riding within the zone while passing an aid station, making a turn or passing an accident. During those times, officials will not penalize cyclists for riding in what would otherwise be an illegal position (drafting, illegal pass, blocking, etc.).

Here’s the rule:

5.10h. Exceptions.

A participant may enter the drafting zone without penalty only under the following conditions:

  1. When entering the drafting zone from the rear, closing the gap, and overtaking all within no more than 15 seconds.
  2. When cyclist reduces speed for safety reasons, for course blockage, for an aid station, for an emergency, when entering or exiting a transition area, or when making a turn of 90 degrees or more; or
  3. When USA Triathlon or the head referee expressly excludes a section of the bicycle course from the position foul rules because of overly narrow lanes, construction, detours, or a similar reason.

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