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Membership Rights

By USA Triathlon | Feb. 26, 2014, 4:40 p.m. (ET)

This week we will review the rights of membership. Most athletes are familiar with the benefits of being an annual member of USA Triathlon. (Not sure of all the benefits annual membership offers? Check out the benefits here.)

Article 2.3 spells out certain rights, specifically the right to due process in any issue where the athlete's membership may be suspended or revoked.  No member may be suspended without fair notice of the charges against the member and the right to a hearing by an impartial panel. 

Fairness is a core value for USA Triathlon and that extends to all our members, even when accused of serious violations.

2.3 Athletes' Membership Rights.
All athletes shall be entitled to due process with respect to any action revoking or suspending the athlete's membership in USA Triathlon. Due process shall include:

a. reasonable notice (usually in writing) of the charges or allegations made against the athlete;
b. a reasonable time within which to prepare a defense and to answer the charges or allegations;
c. the opportunity to respond to the charges and the ability to have the assistance of legal counsel in the preparation of any defense;
d. a hearing before an impartial and disinterested decision-making body; and,
e. the ability to appeal an adverse decision and notice of the proper procedure for making such an appeal.

No person shall be suspended from USA Triathlon or declared ineligible to participate in USA Triathlon sanctioned events without fair notice of the allegations against such person and the opportunity for a hearing.

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