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Membership Categories

By USA Triathlon | Feb. 25, 2014, 4:43 p.m. (ET)

This week we will look at the rule that allows for different categories of membership. 

By far, the greatest number of triathletes who are members of USA Triathlon hold an Age Group membership.  Article 2.4 lists the different categories of membership that also include Elite, Elite Collegiate, as well as Age Group which also includes Youth

Additionally, the rule prevents foreign elite athletes from racing as age group athletes in the U.S. unless the foreign elite athlete has not raced in the Elite category for at least 12 months.  Here's the rule:

2.4 Membership Categories.
Annual membership in USA Triathlon will be available in the following categories and subject to the following requirements:

a. (1)Elite. Elite annual membership will be available to certain qualified, highly competitive, and experienced athletes. An Elite annual member is eligible to receive prize money directly. Any person wishing to apply for an Elite annual membership should contact USA Triathlon for consideration. (Interested in an elite license? Check out the criteria here.)

    (2) Elite Collegiate. Athlete who qualifies according to the criteria listed above, and does not accept prize money.

Foreign Elite athletes holding an Elite license from their national federation or having raced as an Elite in international events are prohibited from competing within age group categories as an age group athlete or for age group awards in events where there is an Elite division or awards. Prior to entering any USA Triathlon event, foreign athletes must disclose their elite/pro status and that failure to disclose such is cause for disqualification and up to a one year suspension from USA Triathlon sanctioned events.

b.  Age Group. The following divisions shall be available within the Age Group category of membership:
(i)  regular membership;
(ii) youth membership, 17 years of age(as defined in Section 3.2a) and younger.

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