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Race Conduct: Race Numbers

By USA Triathlon | Feb. 16, 2014, 4:56 p.m. (ET)

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This week's rule is Article 3.4f — Race Numbers. 

The race number rule is actually broken quite often and is one of the more common violations for which penalties are called. Wearing your race number is extremely important — it is the key identification for the athlete during the race and may be critically important should an accident occur.  Officials expect to see the race number on the body and/or the swim cap during the swim, a bike number during the cycling portion, and a run number during that portion of the event. 

Officials, race announcers, medical personnel and transition security monitors all have separate reasons for needing to see a participant's race number so each athlete needs to make sure it is clearly visible at all times. Most events supply both a bike number and a run bib. In that case, the run number does not need to be worn while cycling.

Here's the rule:

3.4f. Race Numbers.
Participants shall plainly display their race numbers at all times, and shall maintain the race number in an unaltered, unobstructed and readable state at the start and finish gates, in the transition areas, and on the course. Any violation of this section shall result in a variable time penalty.

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