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A Message from RMR Chair Jose Valdes

By Joe Turcotte | Feb. 12, 2009, 12:57 p.m. (ET)


I am very optimistic that collectively the 2009 USA Triathlon (USAT) Rocky Mountain Regional Council will effectively serve the membership of the region. My optimism derives from the enthusiasm, skills, and commitment of the council members. One of our primary objectives shall be to improve communications with the membership through an updated regional website accessible from the USAT national site. We will also take advantage of the Triathlon Times publication and personal contact to communicate with the membership. We also encourage your direct feedback to the council.

We have extraordinary individuals responsible for athlete development and USAT Officials programs. Under the leadership of Michelle Cox, Regional Athlete Development Coordinator, and Alan Ley, the expectations are high for expansion of youth programs and further development of youth and junior elites. In addition, we anticipate a concerted effort at reaching to the collegiate clubs in our region. The same level of high expectations extends to the USAT Officials Program.  Matt Perini continues as Regional Coordinator of Officials and no doubt will continue to improve upon an impressive officials program in our region. You can anticipate a greater presence of officials at USAT sanctioned events.

Accountability shall also be a key objective for the council. It's our intention to post the operating budget for the council and update it monthly. The membership should be aware of how the portion of their annual membership allocated to this region is spent. Also, to post minutes and status reports of council meetings and activities on the regional website.

It's also our objective to implement an organizational structure, procedures, and policies that will extend beyond our tenure and align with the pending Regional Operational Manual that is pending final ratification by the USAT National Board of Directors.

The council has an ambitious agenda but it's a group excited by challenges.

Best Regards,

Jose Valdes