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The Triathlete: Who Are These People?

By Caitlin Drap | Jan. 13, 2020, 12:23 p.m. (ET)

smiling group of triathletes

We are the jack of all trades, master of none. We have ADD and maybe a little OCD.  We use terms like watts and aerodynamics, existing in a world where everything should be made of carbon.  However, we can switch conversational gears as quick as a wink so that we don’t make our social counterparts feel uninformed. We are organized in our own way and obsess about the cleanliness of peculiar things that nobody else understands.

Sounds like a recipe for disaster to some, but if you dig deeper into the persona of a triathlete, you will find that we are passionate people who are driven to succeed. We wake up before the sun, meticulously follow workout plans, and purchase the most perfectly fitted gear, yet we maintain super careers in business or finance, support households of school-aged children, and embrace all the chaos and commitment that ensues.

We probably weren’t scholars in college, but instead rode a solid B+ average in academia and likely dabbled in quite a few different sports and extracurricular activities. We likely have a history of obsessive behavior, needing to finish tasks quickly so we can move to the next.  High maintenance? Maybe - but things like new sneakers and an aero helmet will win our hearts over, more than diamonds, pearls or even a Rolex. There isn’t a challenge that we would ever turn down knowing that we could get it done with our “can do” mentality, even though we lacked mastery until we found the divine sport of Triathlon.

To us, mastery isn’t perfection, it is execution.  We aren’t flawless, but we can execute any given plan, yielding great results.  We know our limits and while some may be faster than others, it doesn’t matter to us.  What matters is that we can meet our own internal goals and complete our “plan” in the process.

So who are we? 
The human cats chasing a big ball of yarn.
We are the jacks of all trades with the mastery of only one, Triathlon.