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Get to Know the Queens University of Charlotte Triathlon Team

By Wilson Haynes | Oct. 24, 2018, 11:28 a.m. (ET)

Queens University men's triathlon club team

“Individual commitment to a group effort” is a phrase that goes through my head when I think of the Queens University of Charlotte triathlon team. It’s actually a quote I first saw on our Instagram two years ago that I’ve used myself over countless hours of training. 

The commitment that each one of us puts into the team is not just to win races. It's to be a team that works well, a team that always takes each other out to dinner, a team that works with each other, pushing one another through the bad days, and being there to celebrate the great ones. 

Coming in as a freshman, I didn't know what to expect from a college team. I would have never thought that I would grow so close with my teammates as I have in just these few weeks during the fall season.

Being on this club triathlon team is an experience like no other college team, I believe, because we are not just training for one sport, we are training for three. Some days consist of all three, swimming, biking and running. Most days it’s just two; either way practice constantly changes.

I consider balance to be the most challenging due to the amount of time it takes to practice three sports. It can be challenging to find time with class and other daily needs, but we find the time and we do what needs to be done.

Queens University triathlete

I believe what sets us apart, and what allows us to achieve our goals, is the bond between us. Everyone in the cafeteria knows who the triathlon team is not only because we end up cramming the most people at one table (14 is our record), but because we are the ones laughing the most. There is not a meal that goes by where we are all not howling at something someone said.

Even the way we eat is different. Cereal is a staple after pretty much any meal, varying from chocolate rice Chex to Cinnamon Toast Crunch! Another food group we have a lot is Chipotle; it is how we pay each other back, and a standard meet up place for dinner. We’ve perfected the calorie to dollar ratio with double rice and chicken.

Members of the Queens University of Charlotte club triathlon team enjoy their meals together

The bus rides are an experience within themselves. The Spanish music is always blasting from one of the international athlete’s speaker. We are so fortunate to have so many international students here at Queens and on the triathlon team itself. Our athletes come from Germany, Austria, France, Sweden, England, Guatemala, Mexico, Spain, Chile, South Africa and Colombia. All of these athletes compete for the team as well as their own pro races that they participate in throughout the year, such as Jack Felix who just competed in Super League!

It’s great to have the combined feeling of accomplishment after one of our many tough training sessions which can include a brutal swim or a hard brick in our pain cave. I’ve been on many teams before, but I have never felt like I had the chance to make such an impact as a team.

While triathlon may be an individual sport, it is a team here at Queens, and as a team we are going to work hard, push one another to new heights and make the most out of the opportunities presented before us. 

Wilson Haynes is a member of the Queens University of Charlotte men's club triathlon team. View his photography at

Queens University men's club triathlon team