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Video: Drill to Smooth Out Your Pedal Stroke

By Mike Ricci | Oct. 20, 2015, 10:39 a.m. (ET)

Many times we think of pedaling drills as doing those oh-so-hard one-legged drills, with one leg unclipped and our hip flexors screaming for you to stop. But there is more to pedaling drills than one-legged spinning. To add in some variety to a long ride, a warm-up before a solid threshold set or to just break up an easy ride, think about high RPM spinning. This video will explain one easy set you can add into your workout a few times a week to help you smooth out your pedal stroke and to make pedaling at a higher cadence more natural for you. Pedaling drills, like drills in swimming and running, can be done frequently and with great results. Add them into your training and you'll see the results pretty quickly.

Successive High RPM Spinning from D3 Multisport on Vimeo.

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