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Train for Multisport, Not Individual Sports

By Michael Harlow | Jan. 08, 2009, 12 p.m. (ET)

Remember that you are preparing for the single sport of triathlon, not three individual sports. Thus, you need to prepare for triathlon like a triathlete, not a swimmer/cyclist/runner. This means including combination workouts in your training so that you can move from the swim to bike and bike to run efficiently.  This also means that you will do less mileage and intensity for each individual sport than if you were training for just a single sport. Lastly, this means that you will practice transitions. A person can win the swim, bike, and run and still lose the race – it happens all the time. Transitions are the fourth sport – learn how to do them properly and reap the benefits on race day.

Michael Harlow is a USAT Level II Coach and the head coach of Endorphin Fitness. Visit Endorphin Fitness online at