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Offseason Focus on Flexibility

By Matthew Bryan Parks | Dec. 04, 2008, 12 a.m. (ET)

Use the offseason to improve your flexibility and muscular endurance for swimming by taking yoga classes or receiving private instruction. We all know how important optimal range of motion and a stronger “core” is for improving your swim splits. Better ranges of motion lead to improved stroke mechanics, and, in turn, leads to decreases in your swim times. Stronger muscles in your torso/hips, lead to increased power outputs, because your arms and legs have to work less. This will help you save energy for the rest of your training and racing.  Yoga, or other core- and flexibility-based exercise, performed on a regular basis (almost daily) will help improve your performance during your practice swims and race day.  

Matthew Bryan Parks (Therapeutic Bodywork & Massage and Performance Coaching) is a USAT Level I triathlon coach and an NASM Performance Enhancement Specialist. Contact Coach Parks at (406) 580-7987 or at