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Address Hamstring Issues During the Offseason

By Bob McAtee | Dec. 04, 2008, 12 a.m. (ET)

The offseason is a good time to address tightness in your muscles, particularly your hamstrings.. Tight hamstrings can be caused by many factors, and almost always need more than a simple stretching routine to resolve. If your hamstrings are only feeling tight on the bike, the first thing to do is check the bike fit. It’s possible that a minor adjustment in the saddle position may take care of the issue. If bike fit isn’t the cause of your tightness, then consider working to improve your stroke mechanics. Incorrect muscle activation on the bike will result in the hamstrings overworking, becoming fatigued, and then tightening up.

If the tightness continues to be a problem, you may have a pelvic tilt or torsion issue that puts undue stress on the hamstrings. This could be evaluated and addressed by a qualified sports therapist.

Bob McAtee, NCTMB, CSCS, C-PT is a veteran sports massage therapist, strength and conditioning specialist, and personal trainer in Colorado Springs, Colo. Bob is the author of Facilitated Stretching, published by Human Kinetics, and has been teaching and writing about health and fitness since 1987. For more information visit his website.