D.C. Tri Club Wins 2015 USAT Mid-Atlantic Division I Club Championship

By Pablo Torres, Director of Partnerships for the DC Triathlon Club | Aug. 18, 2015, 11:24 a.m. (ET)

Thanks to the D.C. Triathlon Club from Washington, D.C. for submitting this race report from their trip to the Mid-Atlantic Regional Club Championships recently. We’re always looking for great race reports. Congratulations D.C. Tri Club on your 10th USA Triathlon Mid-Atlantic Division I Club Championship! 

The weekend of July 18-19, the DC Triathlon Club traveled to Windsor, NJ to race in the CGI New Jersey State Triathlon and claim the USAT Mid-Atlantic Club Championship — for the 10th year! Roughly 75 athletes represented the club in the Sprint and Olympic distances, with several of our Snapple Elite team athletes claiming spots on the podium.

The CGI New Jersey Triathlon was very well organized for an overall positive experience throughout the weekend. There were a couple of unfortunate decisions race organizers had to make that may have upset some athletes — terminating the Sprint early due to severe weather and shortening the Olympic bike course — but one has to realize that these are elements beyond organizers’ control and they are doing their best to keep athletes safe and adjust to the circumstances. Weekend positives included plenty of lodging in the area and convenient and speedy parking on race site. The course was great, with a nice lake swim with convenient spectator access, a fast bike on flat and well-paved roads, and a run on a trail with a fair amount of tree shade. If you are not yet part of an athletic team, I strongly recommend you join one. What is it like to race as part of the DC Tri Club? The Club experience at the New Jersey State Triathlon included carpooling to the race, shared lodging, a big dinner out Saturday night, VIP tickets for breakfast at race site on Sunday, Club tents with refreshments, and of course, priceless friendships, encouragement from Club athletes cheering you from the sidelines, and the feeling of belonging to an awesome community with shared interests. I particularly enjoyed seeing my fellow Club members on the course (at this and other races), getting and giving shout outs as we pass each other by, and sometimes a little bit of friendly competition between ourselves. The New Jersey State Triathlons took place in hot temperatures this year, which meant there was plenty of suffering and discomfort — especially during the run. It is at times like these — when your mind and body are telling you to slow down and making you question why you are doing what you are doing — that you then come across a fellow Club athlete who cheers you on, giving you newfound energy to pick up the pace, enjoy the experience, finish what you set out to do, and celebrate with fellow Club’ers.