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Laura Bennett Blog - USA Triathlon Luncheon/Signers Cramp

By Laura Bennett | Aug. 04, 2008, 1:19 p.m. (ET)

It was great to get together with the whole crew from USA Triathlon for a sending off luncheon. I never realized how many people where involved in the behind the scenes. I suppose it is three sports wrapped into one! It was really nice to say thank you to the whole crew, and get to know a few of them better. We had a little ceremony where they provided us with some of our team gear for the Games. I also had the opportunity to sign about 400 items for charity. I was fortunate enough to be placed on regional boxes of Frosted Flakes as part of my contract with Kellogg's. So by the 320th box that I signed I developed a new signature and a hand cramp! How quickly does your signature devalue with every signing? Good thing we aren't Tiger Woods otherwise we would only be making about 50 million a year instead of 100. ;) I must say it is absolutely flattering that people are after your signature at all!


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