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Apple Pie Smoothie

By Athlete Food | Sept. 08, 2015, 11:47 a.m. (ET)

apple pie smoothieWith the upcoming ITU World Triathlon Grand Final and World Championships next week and to celebrate the Team USA's dominance this season, we thought we'd share this all-American apple pie smoothie recipe.

Here's the backstory:

It's September, but yesterday felt like mid-summer here in the Hudson Valley. It was hot. It was great for Kona training, but the four bottles of sports drink I brought on our four-hour ride were not enough. I drained three of them in the first two hours. Realizing we were headed for trouble, my training partner and I diverted from our original route and headed for the closest town. Finding a town with a store that’s open isn’t always easy when you are deep into the Catskills. But just as we were starting to get worried, we passed a farm stand offering free samples of freshly pressed apple cider. We filled our bottles. Apple cider may not be a triathlete’s typical hydration method, but I think we’re on to something. We managed to get back on our bikes and finish the ride hard.

I came home and reported my workout — and how apple cider saved it — to my coach (and sister) Rebeccah. A few days later, Rebeccah sent me this smoothie recipe to try. I loved it because it reminds me of apple pie, something I don't have time to bake during heavy training. Try it for an energy boost on a busy day or as an after-school or pre-practice snack for the little ones. –Laurel Wassner

Apple Pie Smoothie

Serves 1

Blend the following:
1 apple
1 frozen banana
1 cup apple cider
1/2-inch fresh ginger
1 scoop protein powder (we recommend Osmo Nutrition Honey & Spice or a vanilla flavored protein powder)
1 teaspoon maple syrup
Pinch of cinnamon

Laurel Wassner is a professional triathlete and last summer became the first cancer survivor to win a professional ultra-distance race with her win at Challenge Atlantic City. Laurel, her twin sister, Rebeccah, and professional food writer, Melissa Lasher, produce the food blog Athlete Food, the go-to source for fueling a multisport lifestyle. For daily inspiration and training tips from Laurel, follow her on Instagram @athletestyle.

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