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Why Athletes Should be Snacking

By Kate Davis | Aug. 18, 2015, 12:37 p.m. (ET)

High-level athletes ask a lot from their bodies day-to-day. Proper fueling is essential for an athlete to be able to arrive at each day's workout ready to give 100 percent. A key part of proper fueling is snacking. Read on to find out why athletes should be snacking and score a few healthy snack ideas too.

nuts and dried fruit1. Blood sugar regulation
Eating only meals typically means many hours between eating sessions. Athletes should be eating every 2-3 hours to be sure to keep blood sugar stable. Spikes in blood sugar can lead to loss of focus and concentration and increased headaches as well as feeling cranky, dizzy or lightheaded. These symptoms can keep athletes from getting the most out of a training session.

2. Metabolism regulation

The body can only use so many calories and nutrients at one time. So, if an athlete eats three very large meals only, this can force the body to store instead of burn, which may lead to an increase in body fat. To help the body most efficiently use the calories being taken in, athletes should eat snacks between meals. This will naturally make meals a smaller, more efficient size and continuously feed the metabolism to help the body properly use everything coming on board.

3. Muscle preparation
Pre-workout snacks are essential to help prepare muscles for exercise. Without good pre-workout fueling, energy levels can drop too early, leading to a poor workout. A proper snack gets muscles needed fuel for that upcoming workout session.

4. Muscle protection
Muscle mass is maintained best when muscles are provided with a frequent source of energy. Athletes that get too hungry or work out with low energy stores are risking breaking down muscle for energy. Add in snacks to protect muscle.

5. Enhanced immunity and injury protection
A body that gets too hungry with sharp spikes in blood sugar is a body that is under stress. Too much stress and inflammation increases an athletes risk of injury and illness. Proper snack intake helps protect the body from insult as well as decrease stress after workouts.

Some quick and easy performance-enhancing snacks:
  • Trail mix with dried fruit and either nuts or seeds
  • A piece fruit with a serving of nut butter
  • Tuna and whole grain crackers
  • Jam and nut butter sandwich on whole wheat bread
  • Greek yogurt topped with fresh fruit and honey
  • Beef jerky and a no added sugar fruit strip

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