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Tip: More Energy for Your Workouts

By Bob Seebohar | March 31, 2009, 12 a.m. (ET)

Focus on combining a good source of lean protein, healthy fat and fruits/vegetables together for your meals and snacks.

Whole grains should be used sparingly right now if you are in your prep/base season, especially if you have weight or body fat loss goals. Eating foods such as chicken, fish, yogurt, beans, nuts, tofu, cottage cheese, fruit and vegetables will stabilize your blood sugar nicely, minimize emotional eating cravings, prevent the afternoon energy "crash" and keep you fuller longer.

Try this almost every time you eat and you will be on the road to having more energy for exercise!

Bob Seebohar, MS, RD, CSSD, CSCS is a sport dietitian and elite triathlon coach.  He traveled to the 2008 Summer Olympics as the U.S. Olympic Committee Sport Dietitian and the personal Sport Dietitian for the 2008 Olympic Triathlon Team.  He is also Sarah Haskins' personal coach and was a performance team member (sport dietitian and strength coach) for Susan Williams, 2004 Olympic Triathlon Bronze Medalist.

Bob's book, Nutrition Periodization for Endurance Athletes: Taking Sports Nutrition to the Next Level, will provide triathletes of all levels education on how to structure their nutrition program based on their exercise program. For more information, visit or contact Bob at