Florida Regional Council Meeting Minutes, August 19, 2009

By Hector Torres | Sept. 10, 2009, 11:52 a.m. (ET)

Board meeting conference call:  August 19, 2009
On the call: 
- Hector Torres
- Kelle Burke
- Phillip Newman
- Karl Riecken
- Michael Hubbard
- John Jones
- Fred Sommer
- Tom Reilly
- Jennifer Hutchinson
- Alex Lechner
1) No Pending Items from Previous Conference Call
2) Re-Vote on Regional Qualifier for 2010
a. MIT – 2 votes (John, Fred)
b. Sarasota Sharks Tri – 0 votes
c. St. Anthony’s – 3 votes (Kelle, Michael, Phillip)
St. Anthony’s is voted in as 2010 Regional Qualifier.
Special Qualifier remains Clermont March 29, 2010
- Tom R. (report on officials)
To date we have held 45 events
8 clinics
12 new officials
November 7 & 8 USAT Officials Certification in Miami
- Jennifer H. (Youth update)
Youth National’s has 9 youth’s from Florida Region
11-12yr old National Champion from Florida region
YTS Grand Finale in October in Tampa
Backpacks will be given out at the event (1250)
Hector suggests string backpacks also be used at USAT membership drives.
  Board (Fred, Kelle, John, Miachael, Phillip) voted 500 to be ordered
- Alex L. (Collegiate update)
9 Universities registered in Florida Region
A point Series is in effect for Collegiate competition
3 races points are awarded
 Beach Blast Tri
- Karl (Membership update)
Membership Drives/Attendees
Escape to Miami – John Jones
Great Floridian – Hector, Michael, Karl
Miami Man – 
- Kelle (Treasurer update)
USAT has released our funds
Nationals will be writing our checks
Current Budget $17,280.91
- Hector (Chair Report)
Elections go until Oct. 1 PLEASE EVERYONE VOTE!
We are looking for 5 – 12 council members (currently we have 6)
Nationals wants the region to come up with a “Wish List” 
Financial Meeting Update
- Other Regions are struggling too
- More annual members equals more money in our budget
- An inflatable blimp with USAT logo on it has been ordered for Membership
Commission Committees 
- Coaching (Karl & John)
- Race Directors (Michael, Kelle, Fred, Phillip)
Future Meeting Dates and Times
 Phone – September 16, 7:30pm
 In Person – November 14, TBA (in Clearwater, FL)
Date approved by members on call
   Jennifer – 14th
   Michael – 14th
   Alex – 14th
   Tom – 14th
   Karl – 14th
   Phillip – 14th
   Kelle – (unavailable for 14th, in Puerto Rico for family
Call Ended at 8:45pm
Meeting Minutes Submitted by:
Phillip Newman USATFL Secretary