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Meet Jack Felix

By Jack Felix | Feb. 02, 2016, 3:45 p.m. (ET)

Hello all! 

Jack Felix here with just a few introductory words about myself.

I am a fifth year senior, health science major at Clemson University and former cross country and track runner. I ran for two years at the University of Tennessee before transferring and finishing my running career at Clemson University. I am the oldest of 3 siblings and my two younger sisters are both collegiate swimmers. Camille is a junior at Georgia Tech and Elizabeth is a freshman at Yale. My father, Nick, is an attorney and a former United States Marine and my mother, Lindy, is a teacher at the high school that I attended. 

I was born and raised on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. Apart from excessive amounts of exercise my hobbies include surfing, fishing and hunting. I have been fortunate enough to travel to enjoy the best surfing has to offer, spending extended time in Australia and Central America. I enjoy all things to do with the ocean and devote whatever free time I have at home doing something that involves being on the water.  

I have been involved with sports all of my life; however, to my father’s dismay, I was terrible at nearly all of them! I played soccer and lacrosse for many years of my childhood and was coached by my father who played in college. I took to running and swimming after finally realizing that hand eye coordination was not a talent that God had given me. I decided to pursue running and cycling through high school and then on to college. Oddly enough, while competing in all three sports individually, triathlon was not really something that I considered.  After finishing my career in college running last year I continued to train specifically for cycling for several months and raced road and CX for Robson Forensic, a team based out of the Savannah/ Hilton Head area.  I never felt satisfied with my running career being constantly hurt. I suffered many reoccurring overuse injuries as well as some very bad luck injuries. At any point where I felt as if I was ready to start really performing I was hurt again for one reason or another. Through the advice of a friend I got in contact with Barb Lindquist and started training for triathlon and am very excited to have a new opportunity to push myself. 

Now that I have been in contact with Mrs. Lindquist, she has arranged for me to receive coaching from Dan Arnett in Atlanta, Georgia. Mr. Arnett is an excellent coach focusing on fixing all weakness and form issues in the water and keeping me fit, but more importantly, healthy on the run. He holds me accountable and really pushes me. Training can be hard by myself, but coach Arnett gives me workouts that are different and help me to work even solo. I train on average 15-18 hours a week and will have my first race opportunity at the Clermont EDR. Following this race I will compete is some road races for my cycling team, but should compete again in triathlon at the Collegiate National Championships here in Clemson.  I am stoked to see where this opportunity could possibly take me!