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Here’s How I’m Preparing for My First International Race

By Jacqueline Godbe | Sept. 08, 2017, 8 a.m. (ET)

Hello again! Or should I say “Hallo” as we continue to prep for Rotterdam?

Rotterdam is not only my first international race, but it’s also my first time leaving North America! Again, I’m incredibly excited (for the race AND the destination). However, travel to Europe brings its own set of challenges and that’s what John and I are tackling today. On our to-do list:

1. Getting Euros and checking with our credit cards to make sure we’re good to go.

I don’t know about you, but I am really looking forward to my post-race beer. I typically abstain from drinking during training season and this year has been no exception. Since Rotterdam is my final race of the season, I’m rewarding myself with a lovely pint. The last thing I want is to find myself suddenly unable to pay for it L

2. Downloading Viber for our phones to make overseas calls.

I might be able to survive a ToughMan 70.3, but I sure wouldn’t survive the wrath of my mother/grandmother/extended family if I didn’t call them while I was in Rotterdam.

Jacqueline Godbe 

3. Picking up power converters.

Unfortunately, not from Toshi station.

4. Finding OTC melatonin and Dramamine.

The melatonin is to help start switching our sleep schedules over and combat the time lag. The Dramamine is for my inevitable motion sickness.

On the menu is also a well-deserved rest day with waffles and a trip to the farmer’s market! Nutrition and sleep are just as important parts of preparing for Rotterdam as making sure we have all the gear.

Until the next post! Vaarwel!

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