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What I’m Bringing to Collegiate Club Nationals

By Kathryn Neuhardt | April 20, 2017, 3:07 p.m. (ET)

Kathryn Neuhardt

I love bags. Not like purses and clutches so much, but great big duffel bags. Specifically, I love the transition bag I got for myself last summer and all the pockets and packing possibilities it contains. It’s huge. There’s storage for two helmets, two pairs of shoes, sunglasses and there’s a special space for my USA Triathlon member card. Plus, it has a waterproof wetsuit compartment and just happens to come in Boston University scarlet and white. I also like to think of myself as a great packer. So, on that note here are 25 of the many things I will be taking with me to Collegiate Club Nationals this April.

  1. My bike (kind of necessary)
  2. My trisuit, specifically the one I bought after I ruined my first one in a crash
  3. More gels than are necessary
  4. Every piece of clothing I have with Boston University on it
  5. Gatorade powder
  6. Shoes (sneakers, running shoes, bike shoes, etc.)
  7. Helmet
  8. Wetsuit
  9. More training miles than I can count (but my Garmin totally can)
  10. Speaking of which … my Garmin
  11. Way more self-confidence than I had in high school
  12. IT Band Syndrome
  13. Split ends from how dry my hair gets while swimming
  14. The scars on my leg from the crash that ruined my first trisuit
  15. Asthma that is much less severe than it was three years ago
  16. The knowledge that the work I put in is all worth it
  17. The complete works of Jorge Luis Borges (I have a paper due when I get home)
  18. The experience I gained from my first nine multisport events
  19. Less than stellar swim form
  20. The determination to swim anyway, even if I’m one of the last out of the water
  21. Years of memories from family dinners, to road trip sing-alongs, to post-race ice cream, and even that time we got pizza delivered in the parking lot when we got locked out of the van
  22. A sport I hope to be doing until I’m in the oldest age group
  23. A connection to my school and city that only comes from running and riding through it for hours on end
  24. My teammates

    … who are also my friends

    … and my roommates

    … and my family

  25. SOCKS, like lots and lots of them

Hopefully it all fits in that nice bag I bought.

Kathryn Neuhardt 

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