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High School Nationals: The Lead-Up

By Lewis Yeaple | April 18, 2016, 4:57 p.m. (ET)

Lewis Yeaple VO2 maxNine days to USA Triathlon High School Nationals.

4 a.m.

It’s just the typical training session before school, sitting at the kitchen table and shoving breakfast down. I’m in my swimsuit, getting ready for the cold pool water of the YMCA. Today is a busy day.

5-7 a.m.

Time for my 5250-yard swim, focusing on my weakest points. There is something about diving into the water early in the morning that I will always love. Complete silence, focusing on your breathing and stroke. Swimming to me is complete mindfulness of your body.

9:30 a.m.

After my morning swim, I walk down from the YMCA to high school. Luckily my first class is in Penn State’s sports medicinelab where we are testing our VO2 max. The experience was amazing, and it turns out I actually broke the record for cycling! The entire lab was in awe. Lewis Yeaple runHonestly, I’m pretty sure they were in awe over the amount of sweat I was producing and not the score.

1:45 p.m.

After school, I walk back to my car at the YMCA, grab my shorts, sunglasses, ear buds and shot blocks and take off. Three miles into my 10-mile run I approach my favorite trail through the farmlands. Running to me is different than the mentality of swimming. You have to be aware of your body but also your surroundings. You have to look out for potholes, branches and other hazards that could put you out of commission. Every three miles, I take two shot blocks to ensure my glucose level is steady and I am not going into hypoglycemia. Finishing up my run at 10.1 miles and 65 minutes, I hydrate, stretch and go home to eat and rest to prepare for the next day. This is the peak day of training before tapering down before nationals. It was a fantastic day.

Lewis Yeaple, 18, is a senior at State High in State College, Pennsylvania. He is a type-one diabetic and hopes to pursue a degree in nutritional science at Penn State University in the fall where he will join the triathlon team.

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