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Photo Blog: La Habana Triathlon

By Rocky Riviera | Feb. 02, 2015, 12 a.m. (ET)

La Habana Triathlon featured nearly 30 U.S. athletes competing in Cuba for the first time since renewed diplomatic relations with the country were announced last month.

In January, I did the 70.3 race at La Habana Triathlon. Although I experienced issues with my goggles and a flat tire, it was overall one great adventure. I ended up following the 140.6 swimmers and doing the 2.4-mile swim. The bike course was well organized but I was told it was a little long. The run was on the Malecón Street next to the sea thus nice views for the run. It was a great day and the people along the course were very nice. Here are some more photos from my Cuba trip.

la habana triathlon
The bike I rented.

la habana triathlon
The place where we rented the bikes. About 10 people rented.

la habana triathlon
We did a 50-kilometer bike ride on Friday, including packet pick-up. This is where we had lunch.

la habana triathlon
This is a photo of our host at lunch.

la habana triathlon
This is a photo of our lunch host when he was younger.

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