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Twins Prepare for Sprint Worlds Domination

Sept. 09, 2013, 12 a.m. (ET)

Last year, identical twins Laura and Analise Zaunbrecher qualified together for the 2013 Sprint World Championships. Their story, Zaunbrecher Twins Unite, was featured online in November. With busy lives, several wins, and the event just a few days away, both girls are amped up and ready to represent Team USA!


The twins turned 30 during the Auckland ITU World Triathlon World Championships last year, making 2012 their first time racing in the competitive 30-34 age group. Like so many members of Team USA, the twins are shining examples that emerging from your twenties does not mean an end to speed! Their excitement is building as they near the time to represent the USA, and they plan to do that to the best of their ability. Competing on the international stage gives the twins a chance to test themselves as athletes and to see what they’re really made of. Being able to represent the USA is extra motivation to perform well and make the team and country proud. The women really look forward to meeting other Team USA athletes as well as international athletes, because it gives all of them a chance to experience the world through triathlon and competition.


Analise has been working her tail off training! She practices each sport twice a week, cycling with the Harvard University Cycling Association and swimming in Walden Pond. She also lifts weights, does plyometrics and yoga, practices transitions, and performs visualization techniques to help her accomplish her goals. She started paying even more attention to her diet and cut out all processed foods. Her husband Patrick Reeves is a mainstay of support for her, including building and maintaining her racing bike “Xena” and doing the product research for her gear and equipment. He even always has Gatorade waiting for her after swims.


Laura finished her Geochemistry PhD this year – now both of them have doctorates. She moved from Atlanta to live with her boyfriend in Boulder, and together they will be on Team USA in London. Laura says she is much more serious about competing at Worlds and uses the event as motivation when she is tired or doesn’t feel like training. She often imagines a girl she will be competing against and thinks, “Is she skipping on her training today? Of course not!”.


twinOn the topic of Team USA, Laura raced to a PR at USA Triathlon’s Sprint Nationals last month, qualifying for her fourth consecutive world championship. Though it’s been a busy year, she is not to be outdone in training by her sister. She is often doing doubles or bricks, swims with Boulder Aquatic Masters, and participates in the Without Limits Stroke and Stride weekly aquathlons. She still trains with her coach in Atlanta and is really thankful that he has been such an effective and supportive coach (and manages to keep her workouts to 20 hours or less a week!) The move to Boulder presented new challenges with the drier air, altitude training, and some asthma issues, but her boyfriend Charles has been a great training partner and is very encouraging.

The girls haven’t competed together since the 2012 Sprint Nationals, and it will be a fun race to watch as they are able to line up side by side again and push each other as hard as they used to. Worlds is an awesome goal that even though they live over 2000 miles apart they have been working together all year – they find motivation and inspiration from each other, call each other on down days and give congratulations on good ones.

Analise’s personal goals are a strong swim, steady bike, and a sub-20-minute run (then to drink an ice cold beer!). Laura has found that triathlons are a mental sport and wants to stay strong and overcome any negative thoughts that can arise during the competition to slow her down. Her goal is to stay strong, focused, and cross the finish line knowing she couldn’t have pushed herself any harder. Neither of them feel like they could have done this alone, and wants to thank their family, friends, significant others, and team mates for all their love and support because they wouldn’t be where they are today without them.

Sprint Worlds domination may be imminent, watch out London!