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Age Group Nationals TrainingPeaks Contest Winners Announced

By USA Triathlon | Aug. 07, 2013, 12 a.m. (ET)

Powered by Training PeaksUSA Triathlon and TrainingPeaks partnered up for a one-of-a-kind experience for competitors of the 2013 USA Triathlon Olympic-Distance National Championships, scheduled for Aug. 10 in Milwaukee, Wis. The concept was simple: share your training story in a video (2 minutes or less) or a story with a photo (no longer than 650 words).

The winners have been chosen: Dan Moon of Riverside, Ill., and Melissa Miller from Austin, Texas.

These two winners will receive:

  • Garmin 910XT
  • One Year Subscription to Premium TrainingPeaks Service
  • TrainingPeaks Cycling Top
  • TrainingPeaks Race-Day Analysis

Dan will be competing in the 65-69 age group on Saturday, and he is no stranger to the sport having started the U.S. Triathlon Series race in Seattle, Wash., in 1982.

danHis story:

Since the pioneering days of the West Coast USTS series, triathlon has been the focus of my athletic and fitness participation.  We were young and full of bravado, but unfortunately, prone to adopting long-enduring recklessly bad habits. In spite of the guerrilla style on-a-whim training, I did OK, most of the time, but suffered premature peaking and season-crippling effects of squeezing out those last couple of totally fatigue inducing, training sessions just days before a race. This year, I finally answered the invitation to participate in USA Triathlon Age Group Nationals and, for the first time in my nearly 30 years of triathlon, have decided to approach six months of training with the discipline that I’ve not ever practiced. I hired Coach Brett Peterson who uses Training Peaks as his regimen for his athletes. I have never been in better shape, nor so injury free, in spite of doubling my frequency, intensity, and duration. 

I don’t feel like me, or if this is me, I’ll take more of it.

My goal is to finish in the top ten. I may, or may fall short of it, as there are well trained, genetic supermen in my class that I’ve known, or know of, since the '80s. I will, regardless, and whatever the result, leave the race site with the satisfaction of knowing that I gave this effort my best shot ever.

Melissa first began competing in triathlons in 2011, and she will be racing in the 30-34 age group on Saturday.

She shared her story in this video:

Tri Nationals from Melissa Miller on Vimeo.

Stay tuned to for live coverage of USA Triathlon Age Group Nationals, and the race-day analysis of these two athletes following the event.