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Meet the 2012 Collegiate Nationals Blogger

By Brady Thomas | April 11, 2012, 12 a.m. (ET)

bradyEach year, USA Triathlon selects a participant at certain national championship events to blog about the experience. For 2012 Collegiate Nationals, USAT asked interested athletes to create a blog post outlining the reasons he or she should be the event blogger. While we received many exceptional entries, one stood out above the rest. Meet the 2012 Collegiate Nationals blogger, Brady Thomas, who represents the Clemson Triathlon Team and is sure to share the team's event experience with great interest and a little humor.

When I saw that USAT was looking for bloggers to write about the lead up to #USATCN12, as it’s being called on the interwebs (not just one interweb, but all of them), I asked myself, “What makes me think I can blog for USAT?” They typically like inspiring stories about people who used to be overweight or who love participating. Well, I’m 145 pounds. Before I was 145 pounds, I was 140 pounds. I like participating in triathlons but mostly I like trying to be fast in triathlons. I took English 103 and I like going on IKEA dates with my teammates, so I think that makes me qualified to blog. 

I think USAT needs me to blog for them because I can provide a breath of fresh air. This won’t be another blog by a mid-pack athlete who thinks he’s the greatest thing since Dave Scott. 

If my blog gets selected, you will get a behind the scenes look at the Clemson Triathlon Team. We’re loud, proud, and coming up faster than food poisoning. We’re hipper than a Foster the People concert. The Man Tigers have swept the overall podium at every triathlon we’ve done this spring, and at the SECTC conference race this semester, our women went 1-7. 

Submitted for your approval, are the brief intros of a few of the characters you’ll have the privilege of getting acquainted with in our whirlwind run up to Collegiate Nationals. 

Justin “Tron” Arnosky won the UGA Early Bird Sprint earlier this month. He one day hopes to find a job that pays him well enough to afford the finer things in life like hot dogs. In the meantime he specializes in going H.A.M. in iron-distance races. 

Carl Eichert is in the Air Force Reserve Officers’ Training Corps. (Or AFROTC for those of you who like to leave your caps lock on.) Earlier this month he won the Parris Island Triathlon by almost three minutes. 

Tim “Slick” Sattler is a collegiate cross country runner turned grad student. He hails from Warwick NY and loves the ladies. He has a tattoo of Jon Hamm on his back. 

Nathaniel Weaver is a wildlife and fisheries biology major here. His goal in life is to domesticate squirrels. 

Michael “Magic” Mauhar is “Good Will Hunting” smart. He likes saving money, body building and snapback hats. Look for him racing IM Lake Placid this summer. 

Michael Edge, or Edge, as he’s affectionately known, is the enforcer on the team. Edge likes to put a lip in and speak his mind, but watch out, because like the mashed potatoes he frequently makes, Edge is also coming in hot. 

teamAnd finally, myself, Brady “Butters” Thomas. I won’t give you my life story, but I will say this — my roommates make me eat using baby forks and I like riding my bike. I’m on the five-and-a-half-year-plan. team

Lee Gedney leads the women. Lee is willing to go by the nickname “Moose” if it will get the team more publicity. Earlier this month Ms. Gedney did her second-ever triathlon. She won it by two minutes. Weighing in at 105 pounds, Ms. Gedney thinks big trucks are cool. 

Leah McMillion is the team mom. She always brings snacks on team trips and makes sure we’re all buckled up in the van. She is engaged to a nice young man she met at Collegiate Nationals in 2010. 

Holly Hirsch is a former D-I swimmer. Holly believes it’s all about who you know. She encourages everyone to respect the Coast Guard.

Jackie Lauer used to pole vault for Clemson, now she does triathlons for Clemson. Ms. Lauer is very enthusiastic. On occasion she needs to be reminded that make up is for beauty, and not for eating. 

I look forward to keeping you enthralled with the tales of a team on the rise. We’re super close knit and passionate as heck. In conclusion, at the Clemson Triathlon Team, we only have one rule — if we’re ever on a sinking ship, children, white rappers, and girls who like to party get first dibs on the lifeboats.

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