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USAT Accepting High Performance Team Applications

By Steve Kelley | Dec. 26, 2009, 6:01 p.m. (ET)

USAT Sport Performance is currently accepting team applications for its junior-focused High Performance Team program.  The deadline for submitting applications is January 3, 2010. 

To download a pdf copy of the application, click here.

The goal of the USA Triathlon High Performance Team program is to increase the number and quality of developmental programs serving youth, teenage and elite athletes across the nation. The program provides financial grants to seed the establishment and growth of well-organized training programs, as well as offers advanced education and experiential learning opportunities to participating USAT certified coaches. HP Teams perform an integral role in the identification, recruitment, development, and age-appropriate competitive preparation of emerging youth elite, junior elite and "senior" elite athletes, with the goal of developing well-rounded athletes capable of success at the highest levels of draft-legal competition and progression within the USAT Sport Performance Program. The recommended approach is for teams to begin their focus with youth and junior level athletes (ages 19 and under) and expand their reach upward once they obtain the knowledge base, experience and access to facilities and sponsors needed to support senior elite level athletes capable of competing at the international level.

For list of current USAT-designated High Performance Teams, click here.

If you have a question about this program, please feel free to contact Andy Schmitz, USAT High Performance Team program manager, at andy@usatriathlon.org.